Watercolour Paper

I like to experiment with various watercolour papers and my recommended favourites are:

Arches watercolour paper - 300gsm/ 140lb. Cold pressed- I use large sheets and usually cut them in half. This is for my final paintings.
Saunders and Waterford - High White 300gsm/140lb. Great for practice pieces.
Winsor & Newton - Cold pressed. Classic watercolour paper for practice and experimenting. I use the pads.

I always feel it's best to experiment with a few paper varieties first before deciding which is the right one for you. I always encourage you to use the equipment and paints you have to hand.

JenniferRosePaintbrushes (1)


NEW! Jennifer Rose Mop Brush Collection

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My recommended brush sizes I mainly use are 10/0 3/0, 0, and 1.
You can read more about my paintbrush collection here on my website.


I like to use a combination of Winsor &Newton professional watercolour paints in tubes and colours from Daniel Smith. In my videos I talk you through which of these colours I use in more depth. You only need a few colours to get started.

Other basic equipment

 - A water pot - Preferably a clear one so that you can see how clear your water is.
 - A daisy mixing palette - They are perfect for holding lots of colour and water. 
 - Kitchen towel - To dab off any excess paint and water. It's also great for making shapes and patterns in your watercolours!
 - A scrap piece of watercolour paper - (a torn-off small section so you can mix the paints by your side to see what they look like before applying them to your main painting.
An HB pencil.
- A clear way crayon - To create some extra textural effects in my highland cow class!

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